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Hello Hydration!

Softlips® Oasis Water-In Lip Balm works to hydrate and moisturize your lips, all while treating them to refreshing flavors. Using real fruit extracts, sea mineral water, sea algae, plus hyaluronic acid, its water-lock technology hydrates for up to 12 hours.


Natural Fruit Extracts

Infused with sea mineral water and natural fruit extracts for a refreshing flavor experience


Hyaluronic Acid & SPF

Long-lasting hydration for up to 12 hours, plus SPF 15 to help protect lips from sun exposure


Jeju Sea Mineral Water

Mineral-rich sea water sourced from the volcanic Jeju Island nourishes to keep lips smooth and soft

Check out these delicious flavor combinations...

Peach & Mango

Be On The Same Wavelength.

Celebrate peach and mango working together in perfect harmony. Treat your lips to two flavors creating a delicious way to soften and satisfy. Plus, stay hydrated as it helps protect from the sun with SPF 15.

Strawberry & Kiwi

A Twist On An Old Classic.

Give your lips a fresh start with the sweet, fruity flavors of strawberry and kiwi. Plus, keep them hydrated and help protect them from the sun all year long with SPF 15.

Pineapple & Coconut

A Match Made In Paradise.

Thanks to its high concentration of oleic acid and vitamin E, avocado oil helps increase absorption into the skin promoting intense, rapid moisturization while delivering an antioxidant that helps soothe and soften your lips.

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